Touchless Movie Theaters – NOT just an Idea

When Covid19 hit, we had no real idea how it would define what the New Normal would be. At this point we need to come up with ways to get our lives back so we can get on with living again and Movie Theaters are a needed distraction!

So let’s cover the Gamut of the offerings that can help get a movie theater back up and running again at least to some capacity.

  1. Ticketing Kiosks – Taking the que, the paper ticket sell and tearing and the payment out of the hands of a theater associate is an absolute. Kiosks can handle all of these functions and reduce the line waiting for any of these functions down to almost zero.
  2. QSR – Concessions Ordering – Kiosks can do all the things an associate does and get it right the first time.
  3. Digital Menu Boards – Menu boards can do just more than show prices and product, they can be used to alert people to go to the theater when the cleaning process is completed. Menu Boards and Digital Signage can even que patrons when they should enter the theater to avoid extra contact with other patrons, just like a waiting room in a European Airport, rather than lining up at all.
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