Turnkey Kiosk Solutions

With 100 Years of combined Kiosk & DigiTEAL signage industry expertise, we can help you figure out what your goals are and how your kiosk should function.

We work with the top manufactures to design and build a perfectly functioning, worry free system including monitoring that keeps the kiosk working 24/7.

We work with world class partners who handle storage and shipping, sight location, installation and maintenance too.

Our Mission

Helping the consumer navigate the entire New Product Launch process and to find a solution that makes sense and that works! Working with us is as simple as letting us figure out where we can engage with your needs!

From concept to launch,
we bring a relationship-based solution.

What We Do

Best of Breed Solutions

We offer the experience and know-how and a full team of experienced partners who know how to get things done from manufacturing and programming to deployment and maintenance. We can set up a program for you.


A kiosk must look good, be built to last and perform for years and be able to be manufactured in a way to stay within the budget. We get to design and have a team of partners who will make it happen.


A kiosk needs its software to provide the best customer experience and function. We work with the best in the industry to make your kiosk provide a quality customer experience and service possible.


A kiosk needs to be built to operate in all kinds of conditions 24/7, providing a good customer experience but still staying on track with a budget, we have the experience and connections to accomplish that goal.


We work with the best of the best when it comes to deployment, storage, sight preparation, and maintenance so your kiosk program will come out the gate strong and keep performing for years.

The Voice of Experience

Your product and credibility are always on display.

Doing it right from the start will payoff. Short cuts don’t exist in the kiosk industry, you are offering an unmanned solution that interacts with humans. The better customer experience starts for the first step, and each step of design, improvement and testing leads to a successful program.

Our Principles

The Kiosk Guy Paradigms

The kiosk industry is big enough for all of us as long as we play fair and honestly strive to give the consumer a good value for their money.

I will not take money from a customer with no clear path to giving them a legitimate chance to meet their needs, and doing so is NOT ACCEPTABLE and NEVER WAS!

I will only provide credible sources for a solution based on: personal experience, due diligence and honest hard work.

When a kiosk project fails because of unscrupulous business practices by one party, then the entire industry is hurt and our vision to change people's lives fails.

A Best-of-Breed solution is the only way to make a kiosk project work. No off-branded, patent infringing solutions will pass through my hands to my customers.

The KioskGuys are dedicated to the OEM Kiosk Customer

Some of the partners & clients we’ve worked with

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Trusted Partners

We Succeed Only
When You Do

We partner with our clients, your goals are our goals. We have a passion for succeeding and only providing the best solution the industry can offer. We pride ourselves in being real. No taking people’s money and spending it to build the last guys project.

We are your trusted partner

Ready to Begin?

We make your concerns and goals ours as we achieve your goals together.

We offer in-depth knowledge about the industry and the range of solutions form the industries best manufactures and cutting edge developers. Our solutions help your kiosk be designed better with outstanding functionally.

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