Our Work

100 Years of combined Kiosk & DigiTEAL Signage Industry Expertise.

Canopy Point Coffee

Retail Coffee/Beverage Kiosk, contactless & unattended. 200+ Recipes that help the farmer to maintain their way of life by giving them a way to make more than cash buyer pricing.



World Leader in Self-Service DVD Retail Automation. Built 50,000+ units in 7 years. Able to drive out 2.2 Million of Cost while maintaining 28% Margin in a complete cost reduction 2010.


Did component selection on the product as well as rolled up my sleeves with Stephen Hancock and John Rupert when they were doing testing on the key cutting robot.

Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board Wine-kiosk

One of the most complete kiosk solutions every built. It included a breathalyzer, a biometric finger scanner and 3 DES encrypted PIN Pad direct ATM style transactions from a bank account. This was an amazing device, including an amazing fete of engineering by Mohammed El Zeiney!

Wendy's QSR

Helped RedyRef give Wendy’s a viable alternative to their original supplier at a cost effective price point.

Rug Doctor

Self-Service Carpet Cleaning Rental Kiosk that was developed by fellow KioskGuy James Winsor. These are in every Walmart in America. It completely changed how Rug Doctor does business.

Kodak PictureMaker

We built these in West Columbia, SC and I helped move production for Europe to Paderborn, Germany.
Global SSCM for entire Kodak Self-Service PictureMaker Program at Flextronics.

Utique* Shop

Loved the High End feel and engineering that Bill Brittingham and his team in South Carolina did to make this a reality! Tip of the Hat to Pat Ryan at venture Engineering www.venture-eng.com


Flextronics built 1000s of Fastlane in Columbia, SC. When people try to estimate how many kiosks I have been a part of shipping, this is the one that puts me close to a million devices. Every Walmart, Lowes and Home Depot at one point.



Not only did we build the Redbox, we built the competitive solution for NCR. This had some of the most technologically advanced solutions for solar loading and heat on the touchscreen. And the robot was a masterpiece.

Redbox Chirp

This was the Redbox answer to Zoom Systems. It had some really cool inventions to use measuring tape rolls and vacuum to move the product. Redbox was a 2nd mover and never really got this off the ground.

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