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Meet the Founder

Ben Wheeler

Roles of Responsibility Throughout My Career

  • Major roles in the overall strategic direction of several New Product Introduction (NPI) processes
  • Design for Manufacturing (DFM) practices, and multiple engineering groups.
  • Direct and indirect responsibility for marketing and sales enablement, proving my ability to execute on PD/PM requirements such as financial modeling, market and competitive analysis, unique selling propositions, document control, and communication documents.
  • Maintaining responsibility to achieve infallible execution and deliverance of quality for the specific product categories within my field, in addition to similar or complementary projects within my influence.
  • Working in collaboration with the other business unit leaders (Marketing, Sales, Operations, etc.) to build effective relationships inside and outside the organization.

“My calling in life is to match kiosk customers and manufacturing companies with the “best of breed” partner(s), software, hardware and components, I know where the bodies are buried and can take any idea/napkin sketch and turn it into a reality in the Marketplace.”

–Ben Wheeler

Ben Wheeler “The Kiosk Guy” the Founder of The Kiosk Guy is a Senior Executive with proven ability to lead companies in the process of new product development. He thrives on the challenges of new making ideas come to life!

Since his involvement in some of the most groundbreaking self-service products in the past twenty years – Redbox, Kodak Picture Maker, NCR Fastlane, Wendy’s QSR, and MinuteKey – he finds himself hunting for new challenges and meeting their demands. He has dedicated his life to mastering any role necessary at every company he has worked for, gaining vast experience in New Product Development, Lean Six Sigma Manufacturing, Consumer Electronics, Self-Service devices, and supporting engineering/manufacturing teams and goals. He believes in Key Performance Indicators that justify the process, resulting in accurate reporting to help the team executive along with other stakeholders. He sees himself as a teacher; he loves people and enjoys the task of mentoring, motivating, and managing performance.


Kiosk Industry Hall of Fame

Lifetime Achievement Award

Inducted Jun 1, 2017


James and Ben have been working with each for over 20 years, with all the years of experience between them they are the true Kiosk Guys. Both have worked in the industry developing cutting edge technology and products for some of today’s top companies.

Our Principles

The Kiosk Guy Paradigms

The kiosk industry is big enough for all of us as long as we play fair and honestly strive to give the consumer a good value for their money.

I will not take money from a customer with no clear path to giving them a legitimate chance to meet their needs, and doing so is NOT ACCEPTABLE and NEVER WAS!

I will only provide credible sources for a solution based on: personal experience, due diligence and honest hard work.

When a kiosk project fails because of unscrupulous business practices by one party, then the entire industry is hurt and our vision to change people's lives fails.

A Best-of-Breed solution is the only way to make a kiosk project work. No off-branded, patent infringing solutions will pass through my hands to my customers.

The KioskGuys are dedicated to the OEM Kiosk Customer

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Accessibility is a priority

We breath ADA, Section 508 and Accessibility. Everyone deserves the right to people to use our devices with success and dignity.

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