K1 Wellness Kiosk assures

As a professional sales and marketing expert I travel more than most people. By March 4, 2020 I had already accrued 26,000 Rapid Rewards Miles (Southwest) on my favorite airline. Did I mention that was SOUTHWEST?

So, on March 4, 2020, I came home from the Airport Terminal Show in Denver Colorado and was sick for almost the entire month of April. There were three nights that I said to my wife, “if I get any worse tonight, I will probably need to be taken to the hospital to figure out if I actually have Covid-19 and need a respirator!”

I am 1000% sure that if a K1 kiosk had been deployed prior to January 1, 2020 in the array of airports I traveled through including, New York (LGA), Los Angeles (ONT), Las Vegas (LAS), Dallas (DAL), Denver (DEN), Oakland (OAK), Salt Lake City (SLC) and New Orleans (MSY), which I flew out of on Fat Tuesday, the last day of Mardi Gras, I probably would never have been sick at all. K1 Kiosk doesn’t just take a facial temperature reading with a range of error of +/-5%, it actually uses a patented array of technology to read temperature, respiratory and heart rate. No more =/-5% level of error! By reading three health indicators, the K1 gives the world a solution that can help keep people healthy long past this initial year of Covid19.

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